We offer artistic products for each country's own culture in our store. Each country has its own culture, language and preferences. We need to understand all of this with special and fine attention. As The Inredning, we have this perspective and we strive for it. Our goal should be to reach users in every language. This is a basic and human effort for us. We offer aesthetic, art based and creative products for these cultures in our store. This is our primary and main goal. In our store, we provide each customer with the opportunity to get know, understand and buy it and understand the product in their own language with special content we have prepared in languages such as English, Swedish, German, Danish, Finnish, French and Dutch.

The frontend basic language of our store is English. This is a common language for all people. All of our products are private and selected collection artwork belonging to different local designers or brands. All of them have a unique design and pattern (cultural, style based). We bring these designs together with people in the languages mentioned above.

We select designs and collections on a scandinavian style basis. This reflects our perspective.